Chicken ordinance passes second reading in City Council

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Cheyenne City Council opened the floor for public comment during its meeting regarding an ordinance that would allow for residents to keep up to five chickens within City limits, April 11. Working to make minor amendments to the ordinance, City Council approved the amendment (7-3) to pass and go on to its third reading during next week's meeting. On its second reading, thirteen residents stood before the council and explained their support of the amended ordinance, in which most favored ideas to include; being an economic independence, an opportunity for families to show great responsibility and use as a teaching tool for children, as well as an individual's own property rights. "I approve as chickens are a natural insect remover, they're an opportunity for delicious fresh eggs that are better for you and you know they were treated humanely, chickens eat scraps such as fruits and vegetables, and the manure is good for gardens," a young Cheyenne resident (pictured below) stated tonight. *A young boy speaks before City Council approving of the Chicken ordinance. * ​ However, four Cheyenne residents explained why they oppose the idea of chickens allowed in town, in which nearly all mentioned topics relating to chickens being; a nuisance to neighbors, it would open the door for other farm animals to be considered, and an intrusion of other peoples' property rights. "Chickens allowed in town would bring in more predators to our properties, they would become a nuisance to the neighborhood," one man stated during tonight's City Council meeting. *​A Cheyenne resident opposes the idea of allowing chickens within city limits. * The Committee of the Whole will hear the third reading on Wednesday, April 20. #shortgo #news