Dispatch: Two Colorado residents arrested for felony possession of marijuana

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Here's a recap of recent law enforcement activity from around Laramie County. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Laramie County District Attorney’s Office. Arrests: Gonzalo Anaya, 31, Pine Bluffs, battery touching in rude manner Cory Anderson, 18, Cheyenne, probation violation William Blackerby, 46, Cheyenne, failure to pay Clyde Bowman, 39, Cheyenne, district court warrant-bond violation Bradley Canale, 28, Greeley, Colo., possession of marijuana(felony) Jennifer Coleman, 26, Cheyenne, interference with peace officer, seatbelt violation Tony Hall, 29, Cheyenne, probation violation Jacob Hernbloom, 22, Shelby, Nebr., failure to pay-failure to comply Kevin Hoftieman, 47, Cheyenne, failure to comply Loyd Jahr, 74, Cheyenne, assault agg threat w/ weapon(felony) Connor MaGill, 24, Longmont, Colo., possession of marijuana(felony), DUI Bailey McHenry, 21, Laramie, failure to comply Candace Muniz, 23, Cheyenne, assault-domestic battery Anthony Nykun, 23, Cheyenne, p/p violator arrest w/o warrant(felony) Maureen Pease, 37, Cheyenne, public intoxication Hannah Rinehart, 26, Cheyenne, assault-battery Ray Robinson, 53, Cheyenne, probation violation Cynthia Sullivan, 42, Cheyenne, theft, forgery-making Daniel Suykerbuyk, 22, Milliken, Colo., possession marijuana Robert Trujillo, 26, Cheyenne, DUI Tina Westover, 47, Cheyenne, district court warrant-ftc Alycia White, 19, Cheyenne, fail to appear, giving false identity #shortgo #news #dispatch