Local program partners with Secretary of State's office for a youth Summit Springboard

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Emerging Leaders of United Way has partnered with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office to offer an opportunity for youth to serve as a field surveyor, April 28. The Summit Springboard for youth, ages of 18-24, will allow youth to participate in a focus group discussion assisting in the design of a September youth voter summit. “I believe that we must find new and creative ways to engage our youth in the voting process because they are, indeed, our future as well as our present," Secretary of State Ed Murray said. "Participants in this Summit Springboard will be vital to the success of this ongoing discussion, and integral to the planning of our upcoming Youth Voter Summit this fall.” For more information, contact Shawndae Ogle at 638-8904 ext. 10. #shortgo #news