Cheyenne YMCA hosts a meaningful send-off for deploying Troop

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Several staff and members at the Cheyenne YMCA hosted a farewell celebration for one of their own last week, April 13. Rick Boyd, YMCA Facility Director, worked for the local YMCA for a year and a half before getting deployed overseas with the Air National Guard. Technical Sergeant Boyd, has been with the Guard for 29 years, and is now saying farewell to his position at the local activity center, for now. "We REALLY support our troops...especially our own Rick," Cheyenne Family YMCA posted to their Facebook. ​*Pre-Schoolers say goodbye to Mr. Rick. h/t Cheyenne Family YMCA /Pitchengine Communities* "He's made a huge difference here at the Y, his skills and know-how has lessened our need to hire contractors and outside specialty because of his skills," said Stevie Glor, YMCA Communications Director, said. "He's done so much, he drives our facility bus, he wore a Dr. Suess costume for the kids during Dr. Suess week, for Christmas he was Santa Claus, the kids just love him" Senior staff and preschools that knew Boyd spent a little time with him before leaving overseas for six months. Making sure to show their appreciation for their Troops, they sent him off with a full-hearted send-off. *​h/t photos: Cheyenne YMCA/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news