Central High School students get empowered through prevention of underage drinking assembly

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Central High School students sat through an assembly just before noon this morning before getting their early release from school for teacher planning, April 19. Central High CLICK students along with CLICK program facilitator, Deborah Maljian, hosted the assembly focusing on the prevention of underage drinking. Big names like First Lady Carol Mead (Gov. Matt Mead's leading lady), and former University of Wyoming head basketball coach Larry Shyatt (the guy who recently coached the men's team toward taking home the Mountain West Conference title) all showed up to speak a few words about how one bad decision can affect your whole future. One keynote speaker emphasized this generation's* Purchasing Power*: "You are smarter than we were as a generation because you have access to information, giving you the ability to communicate," one keynote speaker started. "You now have opportunities to make informed decisions on just about everything." The main message was to refrain from underage drinking/irresponsible drinking, but rather focus on your goals and future. "Don't drink and drive. Don't text and drive. Don't get distracted and drive." A soon-to-be program called Drive Sober Wyoming was mentioned to the student body that will allow someone to hit a single button to let your friends know where you are and allow them to pick you up if you feel you're in an unsafe situation. ​Several students shared their stories on underage drinking and how it has affected their friends, and loved ones in a negative way. "It's not ruining your lives, but also your future," one high school senior stated. Mike Reed, who works in Gov. Matt Mead’s policy office, and Mike Webster, a school resource officer, also showed up to say a few words to our local youth. ​ Following the assembly, students had an opportunity to share their thoughts on the information given and whether or not it had an impact on them. Several students in passing commented on the assembly and the majority were glad they were able to gain more insight on the dangers of underage drinking. ​ *Feature photo: First Lady Carol Mead poses with two CLICK students at the underage drinking prevention assembly, April 19. (Pitchengine Communities)* #shortgo #news