Representatives with animal shelter and health department speak at third chicken ordinance meeting

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The City of Cheyenne's Committee of the Whole met this evening for the third reading of the 'Chicken Ordinance' (amending section 6.08.020 ), Apr. 20. The Committee motioned to approve the ordinance at the next meeting, that would now allow City residents to keep up to half a dozen chickens. Several members of the public expressed concerns, as well as support of the ordinance. While representatives with the Dept. of Health and the Cheyenne Animal Shelter were available to offer their knowledge on subjects relating to the proposed change. ​ One resident in support of the ordinance (pictured above) stated she has researched over 100 cities that aren't "Hillbilly U.S.A. cities" that allow chickens, including San Antonio, Texas. She stated that she visits the local Home Depot every spring to purchase over 50 pounds of chicken manure for her garden and has been doing it for years. Her neighbors are concerned with the proposed ordinance and the smell that may come along with allowing chickens in town, but said she asked her neighbors about her garden practices and whether or not it bothered them, in which they responded not knowing about it and hadn't smelled anything. Another resident against the ordinance (feature photo) stated he was concerned about the City's ability to enforce the ordinance, and stated that he knew of "many in town residents that already house chickens illegally and nothing is done about it." Councilman Dicky Shanor stated that there is currently only one Nuisance Officer with the Cheyenne Police Department who covers the entire City of Cheyenne, and foresees an additional workload that the officer would have to take on. City funding for abandoned chickens was also a topic of discussion, as the representative from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter stated they've had to take on a rather large expense, an estimated $10,000, to care for abandoned chickens brought to their shelter. The Department of Health representative stated that concerns regarding Salmonella poisoning would be treated the same as it would if an individual were to come in after eating raw chicken, etc., by the treatment through antibiotics. Councilman Jim Brown stated he will vote against the ordinance after mentioning the non-compliance between the City's ordinance and housing covenants, that the ordinance would be like the City telling people to break their covenants. "If the City passes this ordinance, we're basically opening Pandora's Box...we're opening the barnyard gate," Brown lightly joked. Cheyenne City Council will meet on Monday, April 25. #shortgo #whatshappening