Cheyenne residents get environmentally friendly for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! Which means people across the city are doing kind things to the earth today, like being environmentally friendly by taking people-powered transportation. Bruce (also known as John) Keating opted out of toting himself around in an oil-operated rig, and instead is seen here taking a visit to the local botanic garden on his newly purchased bicycle he recently purchased for getting out and enjoying the Wyoming scenery. Bruce said he has lived on the very north edge of Cheyenne for the last 30 years, just so he can enjoy the views of the mountains. "I can get up in the morning and I can see the whole Front Range," Keating said. After retiring in 2003, Bruce said he spends his time doing the things he loves, like getting in his daily physical activity through biking, kayaking, and hiking. Bruce is an Air Force Veteran, a former university professor, and a former employee of the Wyoming BLM, so he knows the importance of staying active, mentally and physically, and treating the earth fairly in the process. #shortgo #news