Laramie County schools lose 10 positions due to floundering economy

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The Wyoming School District Coalition for an External Cost Adjustment announced today that they have eliminated 92 full-time jobs due to budget cuts, 10 of which come from Laramie County School District #1. The District Coalition made the announcement this morning after asking the Wyoming State Legislature for a budget discussion during the Joint Education Interim Committee meeting scheduled for this June. Twenty-eight school districts - representing approximately 58,000 of Wyoming's K-12 students - as well as the Wyoming Education Association, School Boards Association, and Association of School Administrators signed a letter petitioning the Legislature for a meeting. Coalition representative Kelly Pascal Gould provided a breakdown of staff losses across the state: - *10 in Laramie County #1 * - 20 in Campbell County #1 - 7 in Johnson County #1, including 2 school resource officers - 9 in Teton County #1 - 4.5 in Sheridan County #1 - 14 in Carbon County #1 - 5 in Lincoln County #1 - 1.5 in Sublette County #1 - 7 in Sweetwater County #2 - 14 from two other coalition districts that asked not to be named The coalition of schools objects to the current Legislature using the External Cost Adjustment process the schools established in 2014 to cut from state education funding. The 1% and 1.4% legislative cuts are resulting in the loss of an additional $36 million for districts and 92 jobs in the coming school year. According to the press release accompanying the letter, in addition to planning for increased class sizes, districts are also making deep cuts to classroom and technology budgets, delaying curriculum adoptions and professional learning for teachers. *Feature photo: Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news