How to report a pothole for repair h/t City of Cheyenne:

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - If you've ever traveled on city streets in Wyoming, you more than likely have experienced the feeling of your vehicle hitting a pothole...or five. With our extreme winter months, cold temperatures have contributed to the amount of potholes found on streets throughout the state. The City of Cheyenne has provided its residents a document that informs us on how exactly potholes are formed throughout the year, and how to report a pothole online for street repair. *Here's exactly how these pesky potholes are formed:* *​**h/t City of Cheyenne/Pitchengine Communities* ​ *There are two options for residents who want to report a pothole for repair:* - Call the City at 637-6263 and provide the exact location of the problem - Go online to, and click "Report a Concern" - Click "Pothole Repair" under Street and Alley - Log in as a user, and fill in the information to submit Simple as that. Now if only we could convince Mother Nature to ease up during the winter months. Visit the City of Cheyenne for more information. *Feature photo: Wi**ki commons/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news