5 things to do with your Super Mom this Mother's Day

*Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8!* If your Super Mom is like most and pretty dang hard to shop for, don't fret... We have a quick list of fun things you can do with your Mom this Mother's Day that any Mom would be appreciative for. *Things to with your Mom this Mother's Day:* *Bake your mom's favorite recipe with her:* ​ *Craft a Mother's Day-themed project with your mom:* ​ *Venture to her favorite place outdoors with her:* ​ *Bust out her favorite game and play it with her:* *​* *Take her to pick up her favorite treat in town:* *And be sure to hug her and remind her why she's just simply the best:* *​* *Thanks for all you Moms do for us...* *​*​#shortgo #news