Hands On Physical Therapy gives back to Meals on Wheels

*Feature Image: Left - Sharon Benson, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels of Cheyenne, Right - Brent Blair, Clinical Director, Hands On Physical Therapy / Pitchengine Communities* *(Cheyenne, Wyo.) *- Whether it's in the therapy they provide or the support they give to local organizations, Hands On Physical Therapy of Cheyenne is constantly looking for ways to help people live healthier, happier lives! "Giving back to the community is at the core of what we do," explained Brent Blair, Clinical Director at Hands On PT. "Meals on Wheels of Cheyenne has a mission that aligns with our core values in regards to giving to those in need, we feel it is our responsibility as community members to donate to organizations that make a difference here at home." *About Meals on Wheels: *Meals on Wheels of Cheyenne began delivery of meals to the homebound in September, 1970, under the auspices of Church Women United. Meals were prepared by a local restaurant with volunteers picking them up there for delivery. Later that year, the agency was able to move its location to St. Paul's Lutheran Church, hiring its own staff to prepare the food. Special dietary needs could now be met, and individualized portions became possible. Soon the agency joined United Way of Laramie County. For a while they received Federal and State funds through Title III of the Older Americans Act. Those funds ended in 1976. Since then the program has been funded through the generous support of our local community, allocations from the City and County, in addition to the United Way of Laramie County. Donations from Churches, Civic Groups and Individuals are an integral part of their budget, supplementing for clients who cannot pay the full cost of the meals. Hands On Physical Therapy , 1331 Prairie Ave., Cheyenne, WY 307-637-4617 #sponsored #news #shortgo