6th graders to showcase design exhibits for the Children’s Museum of Cheyenne

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Fifty-one sixth graders will be showcasing their Children's Museum of Cheyenne exhibits this Wednesday, May 11. “The museum was their idea," Lacey Hauf, 6th grade teacher at Saddle Ridge said. "They have been so passionate and driven to work on this research. We are teaching them that even at age 11 or 12 they can help impact their community. We are all so excited for the children’s museum and thankful for this partnership.” As a research project, they have spent the last several months learning about the plans for Children’s Museum of Cheyenne, other children’s museums, and researching topics and exhibits that they would like to see included in their museum. “When I shared the vision of the museum with the kids at Saddle Ridge, their eyes lit up and they were so excited and filled with questions and ideas," Amy Surdam, President of the Board said. "The Board is so eager to hear those ideas and try to incorporate some of them into the museum. We love that these kids are so interested and engaged. They are what this is all about." Students have been divided into ten groups and will each present their idea to the museum board in the Saddle Ridge gym at 7 p.m. The museum's goal is to be open in 2018. Visit here for more information, to donate, or volunteer. #shortgo #news #whatshappening