Cloud 9 seeks to transfer liquor license to Sam's Club in Cheyenne

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - City Council held a public hearing for a transfer of ownership and location of a retail liquor license currently held by Cloud 9, Inc., May 9. Tom Kingham, Owner of Cloud 9 Liquorland, sought out representatives with the local Sam's Club on the potential transfer of ownership of his liquor license following the steady increase in Cheyenne's population. "I opened my store about five years ago, when I was basically a liquor license without a storefront," Kingham said to City Council last night. Kingham stated to the Council that he frequently gets customers coming into his store from the nearby WalMart or Sam's Club frustrated with the inconvenience that the only purchase of alcohol has to be made at actual liquor stores, and that out of town buyers will more often times than not make their purchases in other towns knowing this. "We're sending revenue down the road." Sam's Club in Casper currently holds a retail liquor license, in which an estimated $2 million in tax revenue is brought in each year, according to Caleb Perkins, Sam's Club Manager in Casper. "We're not a competitor, we're there for convenience," Perkins stated. Perkins stated that their operations have had zero compliance violations due to their four-step process; a member must be at least 18 years of age or older, members get their ID's check at the door, members get their ID's checked at the point of purchase in their liquor box, and members get checked again on their exit. "We've been in the community for 23 years, I think our track record with compliance has been good," Cody Nelson, General Manager at Sam's Club in Cheyenne, stated. "When we're talking about progression in communities, being the last of them to do something isn't really progression," Kingham stated. However, several members of the community are opposed to the idea of a big box store like Sam's Club assuming ownership of the liquor license. Residents are concerned with another empty store front if this transfer goes through (Cloud 9 Liquorland), restrictions to the purchase of alcohol to only members of the Club rather than the City as a whole, and that the license would not be owned by a local entity but rather a corporate entity. The action for transfer of ownership has be referred to the Finance Committee. *Feature photo: Flikr /Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news