Take a tour of the newly constructed Cheyenne Public Safety Center on W. 18th St.

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The newly constructed 6th penny project, at 415 W. 18th St., will be home to the Cheyenne Police Department, Cheyenne Fire & Rescue Administration, a back-up Emergency Operations Center, and the Laramie County Combined Communications Center. Several aspects of the new building were implemented after touring 40 other stations across the country. This new facility will be the first in the nation to have a video system that will automatically download and store evidence interviews with a push of a button. *Cheyenne Public Safety Center* *All wood seen within the building is reclaimed Wyoming snow fence wood. * ​ Each room within the building is named after a fallen police officer. The Henry Edwards Community Center is open to the community to rent out for different events, "we want that positive interaction with the community," Chief Kizak said. Officers put together a 2016 time capsule to be opened in several decades, "We put in a Glock, a taser...whoever opens this up will probably be shocked to see the things we used in 2016." *Henry Edwards Community Center* *Henry Edwards Community Center* ​ With the official ground breaking beginning on Aug. 24, 2014, the building project is officially complete and within budget. CPD Chief Kozak says the building is expected to last the city at least 50 years. Public tours of the entire safety center will begin tomorrow, May 12 and 13, from noon to 8 p.m. Police Chief Kozak says after May 13, tours will still be offered to the public by appointment but access to certain sensitive areas will be restricted. The funding for this project was approved by voters in the 2012 six penny sales tax. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held June 1 at 2 p.m. will officially close out the old building and all operations will be at the new location. *Cheyenne Fire & Rescue side of the center. Fire Chief's office, conference room. * *Screens are placed all around the building that show current calls for officers to stay in-the-know.* *CPD briefing roomOne of several dispatch center desksVisitors will notice a superhero theme throughout the facility. Police Chief Brian Kozak's new office at the safety center. All Cheyenne Police Department Police Chiefs. 43,000 pieces of evidence will be transferred to this room from the old CPD building. CPD PIO Dan Long and CPD Chief Brian Kozak give a tour of the Evidence Intake Room. All of the Fallen CPD Officers honored with plaques on the walls within the safety center. * #shortgo #news