2 dogs rescued from overseas are well and available for adoption at BDAR

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The two dogs that were part of an international rescue from a Korean dog meat farm earlier this month are now available for adoption, May 12. Britney Wallesch, Executive Director at Black Dog Animal Rescue (BDAR), told Pitchengine Communities that Norman and Tamela were spayed and neutered earlier today, and that both dogs are much more social than they had anticipated. "They went home with foster families for the week and both area making great progress in their interactions with people, house training, and leash skills," Wallesch said. "They are adapting well and quickly and do not appear to have any complicated behavioral challenges other than being basically undersocialized, which will improve with the care of diligent owners." Black Dog Animal Rescue will begin accepting applications for the two rescue dogs today, though it may be a few days yet before they're added to the website. Both dogs will require other dogs in their new homes as they thrive on the companionship of their foster siblings. ​ Norman, the male Tosa Mastiff, has gained almost six pounds since his arrival. ​Tamela (or Tammy as they call her) is the more shy of the two and would probably thrive in a home with kids over 12 years old, or none at all. Wallesch says the two have not posed nearly the challenges that they had expected and think that with the right adopters, the two pups will flourish. *Feature photo: Norman and Tamela. h/t BDAR/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news