Parents encouraged to attend tonight's School Board meeting; Prevention Needs Assessment survey among topics

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Board members with LCSD1 will meet at the Story Gym, 2811 House Ave., at 6 p.m. this evening, May 16. Among the items covered will be the proposal for continued administration of the Prevention Needs Assessment survey, once sponsored by the Wyoming Dept. of Health. The survey - administered to the sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth grades every other year - has been able to measure and monitor a wide variety of attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions among our youth that have been shown to be related to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use along with violent and problem behaviors. "The PNA is unique because it helps bridge the distance between some of the 'causes' and the actual problem behaviors endorsed by the students," according to PNA. "Information from this survey can be used to choose and evaluate prevention interventions, strategies and policies for schools, school districts, communities and the State of Wyoming." The PNA has a decade of reliable data that is a valid representation of underage attitudes towards alcohol consumption and drug use within the state. PNA provides trend data with the potential to show where prevention efforts are a success and where resources should be focused for future prevention. PNA's efforts are to reduce our youth's risky behaviors and improve overall health in LCSD. Without PNA, it's hard to know how these efforts are benefiting students in a particular district. This survey is one way for parents and teachers to know what our local youth are truly feeling and thinking. If enough advocates step forward to express interest in the survey, there will still be time for the administration of the PNA survey for 2016. Parents in support of the administration of this survey are encouraged to attend tonight's meeting as well as contact the LCSD#1 Superintendent's office in support of the administration of the survey 771-2188. See the full agenda for tonight's meeting here . #shortgo #news