The DDA and City of Cheyenne move forward with 17th St. Lighting Project

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The Downtown Development Authority along with the City of Cheyenne are progressing with its planned improvements for the 17th St. Lighting Project for the downtown area. *Phase I: *Pedestrian lighting on 17th St. from Carey Ave. to Central Ave. Bids need to first be received, reviewed, and then awarded before construction can be expected to begin this fall. Initial investment is $700,000 for Phase I. “Lighting this street will help increase safety, enhance the pedestrian experience, and tie the downtown together by further creating a sense of place,” Amy Surdam, Downtown Development Authority Director, stated. The sixth penny funded project is expected to enhance and build upon prior projects for downtown Cheyenne area. *Feature photo: Kat Wasabi/Pitchengine Comminities* #shortgo #news