Gabriel Pina announces bid for Cheyenne City Council seat

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Gabriel Pina, recently announced his candidacy for Cheyenne City Council Ward III seat. Pina, 40, has been a self-employed accountant for nearly 10 years with his own Pina Business Services at the Majestic Building in downtown Cheyenne, in addition to the non-profit organization, Downtown Cheyenne Business Co-Op (DCBC), he assumed ownership of last year after getting more involved with the Downtown Development Authority. "I wanted to create a different life for business owners to meet and get out of their 'bubble,' and that's when I created the DCBC in November 2015," Pina said. "We have 51 paying members, ribbon cuttings for small businesses, we do seminars and monthly mixers." Pina and his wife Jasmine have three kids, one remains in California and just graduated college, the other two are moving up into high school and junior high here in Cheyenne. *Gab**riel Pina behind his desk at his office in the Majestic Building in downtown Cheyenne, May 20. (Pitchengine Communities)* "We moved to Cheyenne in June of 2014, the week of the Hispanic Festival, so this will be our third Hispanic Festival this June, so we're excited about that," Pina stated. "We chose Cheyenne because of the climate - my wife wanted to move somewhere where it snowed - and the cost of living was a lot better than in California, and just a lot more opportunities here, school systems are a lot better for the kids, and a lot more opportunities for them." Pina says he has been engaged in City Council since April of last year, and did not feel he was getting true representation from those that are seeking re-election this year, and is one of the many reasons he decided to announce his candidacy. "I believe there will be a big shift in change in city council this year, lots of different individuals running for all of the wards, not your typical politicians," Pina said. "What I would like to see is more engagement into the community from City Council members and more working out in the community instead of just behind the diocese." Some key issues: -Pot holes: "Working with Public Works Department and finding what we're doing wrong, to find either a better material to fix the pot holes or a machine that would do it correctly. City Council voted down, about three months ago, a truck that would go around and fix them, it was a six month lease on the truck to try it out and the council voted it down because they were concerned about it being a used truck and with the contract with repairs and maintenance with the vehicle." -Cole Shopping Plaza: "Where Safeway just closed out of there - we need to reach out to Safeway and find out what their plans are for that plaza, see what their intentions are... are they intending on selling? rebuilding and putting something new in there?" "I have decided that I am not going to be spending any money on this campaign, if people feel the need to support me, I have a list of non-profits on my Facebook page that they can go donate to," Pina said. "Instead of putting up signs, we're going to be doing meet-and-greets. I want it to be more transparent, I want to be more active, I don't want to just throw up signs and pass out flyers, I want to be able to meet with people and hear what people have to say and hear their issues." "I am more of a hands-on...get part of the solution," Pina said. "Not grumble and be part of the problem. I chose Cheyenne, I've invested in Cheyenne, and I take pride and ownership in where I'm at." Follow Pina on Facebook at Gabriel Pina for Cheyenne Ward 3 . #shortgo #news