Tammy Anderson to represent Cheyenne at Mrs. Wyoming Pageant

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Tammy Bayless-Anderson will represent Cheyenne as Mrs. Cheyenne America in the Mrs. Wyoming Pageant , June 4. Bayless-Anderson, 41, of Cheyenne, teaches in Laramie County School District, in addition to being a cosmetologist at All That Jazz Salon and Spa. She enjoys bee-keeping as a packaging manager, along with upkeep on her family's small 4H rural farm. *h/t photo: Rugged Grace Photography/Pitchengine Communities* ​ "As Mrs. Cheyenne, my passion is to educate and support men, women, kids, and families about the importance of mental and physical health and heart disease," Anderson said. "Most recently I was able to speak at Cheyenne Ice and Events Center to LCSD #1 3rd graders sponsored by the Wyoming Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. I spoke to students about the importance of choosing the right foods to help their heart and their brain be the healthiest they can be, and how doing so takes great care of those important organs." Anderson says she incorporates this educational aspect of health into her every day, "of course, I am speaking about this to my own students, and encouraging my fellow staff members and friends, as well. I try to encourage and appear as often as I can in the community to encourage families and individuals to know they are important, and their mental health and physical health are vital to all of us for the best possible life." Anderson says choosing yourself first, eating right, exercising, and knowing your family history, can all help prolong the lives of women while "decreasing the chances of death in our small, beautiful state!" Bayless-Anderson has been married for almost 19 years to Paul Anderson. The two have four boys together; Devon,17, Keaton, 15, Logan, 13, and Preston,11. *h/t photo: Rugged Grace Photography/Pitchengine Communities* The Mrs. Wyoming Pageant will take place at 7 p.m. at the Mary Godfrey Theater, June 4. For more information on this event, visit here . *Feature photo: Rugged Grace Photography/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news