Stitches Acute Care Center opens new location in downtown Cheyenne

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Stitches Acute Care Center officially opened its doors today, May 31, after Cheyenne Regional Medical Services announced they would be suspending their Urgent Care services . Stitches Acute Care Center relocated the clinic to the downtown area, 1919 Central Ave., with previous staff remaining the same and Dr. Daniel Surdam assuming new ownership. *Staff members assist clients at new location, 1919 Central Ave. (Pitchengine Communities)* ​ "We are excited to continue serving our community in this new location," Dr. Surdam said. "We've spent the last eight months remodeling the building and it is absolutely beautiful, and in a much more convenient location. We are transforming Urgent Care and the delivery of healthcare in general, allowing us to mend your health efficiently, providing the quality care you deserve, close to home." Visit their main website here or Facebook page for more information. CRMC has not yet announced its plans for on-site urgent care services, but a request for proposal to other urgent care services in Cheyenne is being considered, according to a spokesperson with CRMC. *Feature photo: Stitches Acute Care Center in downtown Cheyenne, 1919 Central Ave. (Pitchengine Communities)* #shortgo #news #whatshappening