Cheyenne Central's Katelyn Williams headed to the 31st Annual High School Institute

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The University of Wyoming recently announced the names of 48 high school juniors who will be presented in the 31st annual Summer High School Institute (HSI) June 5-25. Students were selected from high schools across Wyoming, offering them an opportunity to achieve intellectual and personal growth, cultivate their leadership capabilities and measure their capacities and interests. *Of the 48 names announced in this year's institute is Cheyenne Central High School's Katelyn Williams. * "I am looking most forward to meeting people, as well as furthering my academic experience and education," Williams said to Pitchengine Communities. "This will also be an interesting opportunity to gain more independence from my parents." Williams stated she plans on heading off to college following high school, setting her sights on a degree in secondary education. "Both of my parents are teachers, so I would like to follow in their foot steps. My dream colleges are the University of Oregon and the University of Vermont, but I'd also be thrilled to go to UW!" Selections were based on an application letter, an essay, two letters of recommendation, academic performance and extracurricular activity involvement. See the full list of participants details on the experience listed here: Summer High School Institute Begins June 5 at UW . *Feature photo: Katelyn Williams (left). h/t Katelyn Williams/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news #whatshappening