Protecting the Legend: Cheyenne Police announce outstanding service award recipients

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The annual Cheyenne Police Awards Ceremony held June 3 at the new Cheyenne Public Safety Center announced several recipients this year. Recognizing police department employees and volunteers, the following recipients provided outstanding service to the community and to the department by "Protecting the Legend." The following Cheyenne Police Department employees received awards: *Officer of the Year: *Officer Terry Camery *Specialty Officer of the Year: *Detective Matt Colson *Civilian of the Year: *Sue Layman *Volunteer of the Year: *Rita Kaysbier *Chief's Award: *Detective Jim Harper *Distinguished Service Award: *Lt. Mark Munari *Meritorious Service Award: *Detective John Pederson, Detective Heber Edwards, Officer Markum King, Officer John Maule *Lifesaving Award: *Sgt. Joel Hickerson, Officer Kevin Malatesta, Officer Jose Ruiz, K9 Capo *Desperado T-Shirt Awards: *Officer Damon Hall, Officer Geff Mims, Officer Nick Morgan *Commendation Awards: *Sgt. Tom Hood, Officer Mike Webster, K9 Officer Lisa Koeppel *Longevity Awards: *Detective Micah Veniegas-5 year SWAT, Officer Terry Camery-10 year SWAT *Fitness Awards: *Officer Pete Allen, Officer Terry Camery, Officer Jim Eddy, Officer Jim Fahling, Officer Mike Fernandez, Officer Markum King, Officer Micah Veniegas, Officer Bryce Younkin *Marksmanship Awards: *Lt. Terry Bell-Top Shot, Officer Josh Hedum, Officer Emmett Lusher, Officer Jeremy Walker, Detective Hever Edwards, Detective Jim Harper, Sgt/ Brett Durante #shortgo #news #whatshappening