Gardening with Altitude: Kenneth Burke is Cheyenne's ultimate gardening guru

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - The Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce held a red carpet event, welcoming a local plant nursery and gardening center today, June 9. With Cheyenne sitting at an elevation of 6,062, it's no wonder some of our plants are surviving. Kenneth Burke, Owner of Gardening with Altitude(GWA), says his business is unlike any other gardening center in that their plants are meant for this higher level of altitude. ​ *Burke says Gardening with Altitude is built on three legs:* *Survival: *All the perennials carried at GWA are selected to survive here in the southeast Wyoming region. *Information: *Everyone who works at GWA have gone through classes and are educated. Burke's staff include a retired botany teacher, several master gardeners, and one young lady with a landscape architect degree from Cornell University. *The good stuff: *Everything GWA carries is durable and of high quality, including all seeds found there are organic non-GMO seeds. "It is my dream to build a garden center for Cheyenne," Burke said. Learn more about Gardening with Altitude by visiting their website or Facebook page. *​photos: Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news #whatshappening