Laramie among 5 Business Ready Community projects to be considered by the State

(Laramie, Wyo.) - Laramie has been chosen among five Business Ready Community projects by the State. The State Loan and Investment Board will make final decisions on $8.8 million in grant and loan requests at it June 16 meeting at the Herschler Building in Cheyenne. *Laramie* requests a $2,685,750 grant and $209,250 loan to construct a 12,150 square-foot building to house vertical hydroponics manufacturer Bright Agrotech. The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance will provide a 3.85-acre lot in the Laramie River Business Park. The project is expected to create 40 jobs in the next three years. The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance expects to recoup $695,000 in lease payments to be used toward future economic development opportunities. (Board recommends full funding.) For more information on this projects and others recommended visit the Wyoming Business Council website here . *Feature photo: Wiki Commons/Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news