Residents cruise through town for Cheyenne's first Slow Roll bike ride

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Local residents gathered in Holliday Park at the Big Boy steam engine for Cheyenne's first Slow Roll community bike ride, June 15. The weekly hour-long bike ride encourages riders of all experience levels and abilities to join on the community ride through the streets of downtown. Michele Haagenseon, Melanie Manchester, and Jonathan Torney are the three founding members of Cheyenne Slow Roll . "We went through the lower part of downtown, but we plan to create additional routes through the historic neighborhoods west of the capital and maybe along a Greenway," Haagenson said. Haagenson said the feedback they got from the 21 participants was all very positive, and that a group even stopped at Danielmark Brewery afterwards to hang out. "We're going to talk to local law enforcement to see if any officers would volunteer to do traffic control," Haagenson said. "The group is only going to get bigger." Riders interested in joining in next week's ride will meet again at 6 p.m., Wednesday, June 22, at the Big Boy steam engine in Holliday Park. *h/t photos Cheyenne Slow Roll/Pitchengine Communities*​#shortgo #news