2016 Wyoming School Safety Conference: Survivors and security experts of school tragedies share experiences

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Laramie County school employees and Cheyenne Police received training last week during the 2016 Wyoming School Safety Conference at LCCC. The conference featured nationally recognized speakers who encountered school tragedies first hand, and had the experience of engaging in emergency response, being victims to school tragedies, and recovery efforts in the aftermath of unforeseen school tragedies. Survivors and security experts involved with the Sandy Hook and Columbine High School tragedies conducted training sessions with local LCSD1 employees and law enforcement. The Cheyenne Polivce Dept. and Officer Fardella hosted the 2016 Wyoming School Safety Conference. *Photo, from left to right:* *Ofc. Mike Webster (SRO Central HS)* *Frank DeAngelis, Presenter (Ret. Principal from Columbine HS)* *Kristina Anderson, Presenter (President of Koshka Foundation)* *Ofc. Manny Fardella (SRO South HS)* *Michele Gay, Presenter (Co-Founder, Safe and Sound Schools Foundation)* *Ofc. Becky Juschka (SRO Johnson JHS)* *Jillian Balow, Wyoming Supt. of Education* *Feature photo: Cheyenne Police Dept./Pitchengine Communities* #shortgo #news