Convicted sex offender awarded new trial by Wyoming Supreme Court

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - A local man charged with a sex offense crime was recently awarded a new trial, June 22. Ricky L. Dougherty was sentenced to serve four to five years in prison for one count of child endangering/obscene act for exposing himself in front of an 11-year-old girl and then masturbating in a Cheyenne Park in July 2014. Dougherty allegedly had a similar charge on an unrelated incident in a different park with a different victim. Evidence from Dougherty's previous convictions for sexual misconduct and other criminal activity were introduced in this new case arguing that those prior convictions showed proof of motive and intent. Dougherty argued that the court improperly admitted evidence of his prior bad acts in the form of court documents rather than testimony. The court concluded that that the jury's guilty verdict would have been more favorable to Dougherty if those previous sentence documents had not been admitted. Court documents stated that those documents existed only to show Dougherty had a tendency for committing crimes. #shortgo #news