Guernsey Reservoir levels to drop in a month

According to information provided by the Bureau of Reclamation, water levels at Guernsey Reservoir will rapidly decline beginning on the evening of July 27 making the boat ramps no longer useable beginning July 28. The silt run usually takes place shortly after the Fourth of July, however, due to higher than normal water levels this year; it has been delayed a few weeks. Also, according to the BOR, water will be released from Guernsey Reservoir flushing silt into the canals of downstream irrigators through approximately August 14. Water will begin to refill Guernsey Reservoir on August 15 and is expected to be full again by August 18. As part of this process, the outflow from Glendo Reservoir will be reduced on July 27 and increased again on August 15. The silt run is an operation that provides silt-laden water to Goshen, Gering-Fort Laramie and Pathfinder irrigation districts under contract with the BOR. *photo h/t Marty Wood* #shortgo #oilcity #news