Recent arrests around Laramie County

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Here's a recap of arrests from around Laramie County July 1-5. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filing from Laramie County District Attorney’s Office. Ryan Almli, 28, Cheyenne, Court Ordered Arrest. Staccie Bannon, 23, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear. Michelle Barton, 42, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear. Christopher Beavers, 36, Cheyenne, DUI. Celia Cade, 27, Cheyenne, Resisting Arrest, Refusing to Obey and Violent/Tumultuous to Property. Robert Cairns Jr., 47, Cheyenne, Interference with Peace Officer and Domestic Battery. Ruben Campos, Jr., Cheyenne, Public Intoxication and Shoplifting. Jeremy Clark, 25, Cheyenne, Possession of Marijuana, Theft, Interference with a Peace Officer, and Possession of Cocaine/Heroin Type. Gerald Ellenwood, 61, Cheyenne, Conspiracy (drug charges) Randal Gordon, 43, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication. Nicholas Guerrero, 36, transient, Enter Into/On Other Person's Property and Refusing to Obey. David Hermann, 50, Cheyenne, Driving Under Suspension. Jacob Hutchins, 22, Cheyenne, Warrant. David Jarrett, 51, Cheyenne, Possession of Methamphetamine Type Drug and Theft. Alec Joubert, 22, Cheyenne, two Warrants. Draysin King, 26, Cheyenne, Failure to Pay. Chad Laganiere, 40, Cheyenne, Stolen Property. Daniel Laurienti, 28, Cheyenne, Failure to Comply, Public Intoxication and Resisting Arrest. Kathleen Lien, 48, Cheyenne, Under Influence of a Controlled Substance. Ryder Liu, 19, Cheyenne, Sale/Delivery Marijuana. Carrie Lovato, 38, Rawlins, Failure to Appear. Morganne Lopez, 24, Cheyenne, Domestic Battery. Andrew Lucoro, 45, Cheyenne, DUI, Open Container, and Headlights Required. Angela Marquardt, 33, Cheyenne, Profane/Obscene/Provocative Language. Dayne McCart, 18, Cheyenne, DUI - Controlled Substance & Alcohol, Follow Too Close, Open Intoxicant, and Possession/Use Marijuana Type Drug. Samuel Mixon, 25, Cheyenne, Aggravated Assault. Spencer Mollman, 28, Cheyenne, Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer, Interfering with a Peace Officer and Intimidating Juror/Witness. Brett Moody, 26, Cheyenne, Careless Driving, Headlights Required, and DUI. Richard Munoz Jr., 30, Cheyenne, two Probation Violations, Interference with a Peace Officer, and Possession of Marijuana Type Drug. Zachary Munoz, 25, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear. Paula Nation, 54, Cheyenne, Refusing to Obey. Blase Padilla, 26, Cheyenne, Driving Under Suspension. Clarence Porter, 85, Cheyenne, Court Ordered. Andrew Rowe, 46, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear. Christopher Sanchez, 45, Cheyenne, Failure to Pay. Michael Sather, 46, Effingham, Il., False Pretenses - felony. Nicholas Schuppan, 38, Cheyenne, DUI. Corey Shamley, 23, Cheyenne, DUI. Tina Stegman, 54, Cheyenne, Violation of a Protection Order. Misty Stricker-Romero, 37, Cheyenne, Probation Violation and Failure to Pay. Shawna Sutherland, 28, Cheyenne, DUI, Suspended Driver's License, and Careless Driving. Derrick Torres, 34, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear. Fidelia Trujillo, 59, Cheyenne, DUI, Headlights Required, and Proof of Liability Insurance. Steven Tyndall Jr., 35, Cheyenne, Warrant and Possession of Marijuana Type Drug. Nicole Vigil, 33, Fort Collins, Colo., Failure to Appear. Cera Vosler, 25, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear. Ray Ward, 45, Cheyenne, Domestic Battery and Domestic Violence. Melvin Watson Jr., 24, Cheyenne, Possession of Marijuana Type Drug, Possession of Methamphetamine Type Drug, Interference with a Peace Officer, three counts of Domestic Battery, Failure to Appear, Failure to Comply, and two counts of Unlawful Entry. Adam Wynne, 33, Cheyenne, No Liability Insurance, Speeding, DUI. Joshua Yaworsky, 27, Cheyenne, Reckless Endangering. Eric Aldana, 24, Cheyenne, Failure to Pay. Samantha Anderson, 45, Cheyenne, Probation Violation. Araujo Antonio, 54, Cheyenne, DUI. Tyler Barnhart, 20, Cheyenne, DUI, Stop Sign Violation, Carrying Driver's License, Expired/Improper Registration, No Liability Insurance and Giving False Identity. Dominick Green, 25, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear and Probation Violation. Paul Griego, 50, Cheyenne, Public Intoxication and Open Intoxicant. Kristopher Lupton, 38, Cheyenne, Probation/Parole Violation. Paul Martinez, 21, Cheyenne, Failure to Appear. Jorge Mendoza, 32, Cheyenne, Failure to Comply. Jeffrey Miller, 38, Probation/Parole Violation. Scott Murphy, 30, Cheyenne, Failure to Comply. Shawna Ornelaz, 39, Cheyenne, Court Ordered. Nathan Reilly, 34, Cheyenne, two Failures to Appear and Probation Violation. #shortgo #news