Citizens On Patrol program launching in the downtown area

In an effort to provide a higher police presence in the downtown area, as well as promote the safety and quality of life of those living and working in the downtown area, the Cheyenne Police Department will begin assigning its Citizens On Patrol (COP) members a walking beat in the downtown area. The Citizens On Patrol program is sponsored and coordinated by the Cheyenne Police Department. It is comprised of community volunteers with a desire to assist the police department in the completion of their community service by performing additional routine duties. COP members are required to operate within strict safety guidelines. They do not carry weapons, nor do they inject themselves into confrontation with citizens or suspects. The COPs act as additional eyes on the street and report suspicious events directly to the department over a police radio to expedite police response. Additionally, they look for and report any other criminal activity, such as vandalism. "Crime prevention is a community effort, and we rely on a solid partnership with each and every citizen and business," CPD's Dan Long said. #shortgo #news