Artists Guild announces winners of the Western Art Show

Congratulations to everyone who placed in the Cheyenne Artists Guild Western Art Show this month. Below is a complete list of placements as provided by CAG. *Best in Show: * Ursula Stroebel - *"Jesse James"* *Winners in Acrylic:* 1st – Marcia Pavlica, *"Teepee Dream"* 2nd – Trenda Allen, *"First Kiss"* 3rd – Linda Case, *"Canyon Floor"* *Winners in Pastel/Color Pencil:* 1st – Carol Graham, *"My Good Morning Song"* 2nd – Eileen Adragna, *"Humphrey"* 3rd – Linda Case, *"Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowgirls* *Winners in Oil:* 1st – Pat Amen, *"Whispers on Mountain"* 2nd – Pat Amen, *"Enthusiasm"* 3rd – Nick Dudash, *"Chuckwagon Race"* *Winners in Watercolor:* 1st – Laurell Fogg, *"Still Water"* 2nd – Steve Rodriguez, *"Race the Wind"* 3rd – Eileen Adragna, *"Wyoming Walkabout"* *Winners in Ink: * 1st – Ursula Stroebel, *"Jesse James"* 2nd – Ursula Stroebel, *"Butch Cassidy"* 3rd – Ramona Simonovich, *"Bobcat"* *Winners in 3-D:* 1st – James Donaldson, *"Super-Jack"* 2nd – Carroll Roth, *"Sneaky"* 3rd – Melanie Shovelski, *"Wild Prairie Flower"* *Winners in Mixed:* 1st – Kitty Burr, *"Casa Glow"* 2nd – Melanie Shovelski, *"Tatanka"* 3rd – Rachel Elmer, *"The Wild Dream"* *Winners in Photography:* 1st – Ludmila Dranchak, *"Western Still Life"* 2nd – Chuck Carpenter, *"Ride ‘Em"* 3rd - Kim Sharples, *"Blacksmith*" #shortgo #news