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Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles to Choose From

Showcase Cabinetry is a company with 25 years of experience and a prestige reputation for beautiful services for custom cabinets in Michigan. So it comes with no surprise that they have the best and affordable offers when it comes to the materials, designs, and suitability of every item for their clients. Installing your very own cabinet with your very own customized design is a wonderful accomplishment to have for your home. Having a customized cabinet means that it will be made according to your preferences, making your kitchen as efficient and as suitable for your needs and wants. This also means that a customized kitchen cabinet design will be made according to your height, catering to your needs as a cook. These cabinets also provide a perfect storage space in your kitchen. All the cooking materials and equipment that you have will be considered when arranging the layout of your kitchen cabinets. Showcase Cabinetry will make every inch of your kitchen cabinets personalized to suit you well, with the help of the very best and experienced professionals in the industry. It is extremely important therefore for clients to be aware of the different cabinet designs that are available for customization. Showcase Cabinetry gives you a list of different cabinet designs to give you the perfect inspiration for your very own custom cabinets in Michigan.

One of the most popular cabinet designs is the ever elegant shaker door cabinet. This type got its distinct name “shaker” for its unique design. It is a door style cabinet that is made up of five pieces and a recessed central panel. This design is popular for a good reason; it is the most traditional looking cabinet and is suitable for every kitchen design, any color scheme, and can be made to look perfect in any space. Shaker cabinets are usually painted white but will still look beautiful in any other color. The simplicity of the shaker design can be matched with any theme -- from contemporary to much more vintage designs. This is why it is a definite best seller at Showcase Cabinets. 

Another wonderful door design is one that is most suitable for kitchens that need extra ventilation. The louvered door cabinets in Michigan are very popular for their unique architectural style and purpose. These cabinet doors are made to have wood slats that are horizontally arranged to allow good ventilation for your storage cabinets. The slats, however, are still angled in such a way that the content of your cabinets won’t be visible from the outside. This style is usually found in different types of windows and interior designs to give extra ventilation. But now, it has become a popular trend in the custom cabinetry world. Louvered door cabinet designs are most useful during humid climates or hot summer days where moisture and heat can build up in cabinets. So if you find yourself feeling as if you need this in your kitchen, and we emphasize the word “need”, then do not hesitate to call Showcase Cabinets when you have finally decided to have your custom cabinets in Michigan made and installed. 

One very aesthetically pleasing cabinet door design that can give your home a warm and comfy look is the distressed cabinet door design. The distressed cabinet design brings an antique vibe in your homes -- one that reflects elegance and timelessness. The vintage look and feel to this cabinet design can give your kitchen that ultimate character beauty. There’s nothing prettier than distressed wood made perfectly to achieve a vintage look. Showcase Cabinetry will indeed give you the best distressed cabinet designs for your custom cabinets in Michigan.

There is really nothing better than getting an installation in your kitchen like custom cabinets in Michigan -- built, made, and designed to suit all your needs in the kitchen. Every cook, every home owner, and every person has their own preference when it comes to the use of their kitchen. In Showcase Cabinetry, they have teams of professionals that are well trained and very knowledgeable of not only how to help you maximize your kitchen space but also with the perfect door designs and cabinet layouts to bring out the best of you in your kitchen.