Teenage Bedding- Is it different from those of Adults?

Teenage Bedding- Is it different from those of Adults?

Shopping mattresses is a task of great efforts and if you own a family where you have toddlers and teenagers than you are probably having more responsibilities than others. The stresses of being a teen are overwhelming and not getting a right sleep can add more to it. Good night sleep is key to fresh mind and usually results in good behavior as well. This is the age when a person has to deal with strenuous school work, extracurricular obligations, hormonal changed as well as peer stress and thus, it becomes important for the teenagers to get at least 8 to 10 hours of good sleep at night.

Often times, the youth or kids find it difficult to fall asleep and stay awake due to several factors like environment noise, temperature, comfort, and lighting, use of electronics or personal sleeping patterns. While the adjustment to a teen’s routines or room like no cell phones or television before bedtime makes it almost impossible to improve their sleeping habit, lacking proper sleeping support can also undermine a teen’s sleeping cycle.

A simple and appropriate mattress can drastically improve the sleeping pattern of your teenage kid and also impacts the other aspects of daily life like overall temperaments, energy level or others. When shopping for your teen’s new bed, consider the following important factors:

Size: While twin beds are a common for young kids, larger beds allow and leave a scope for future growth and tend to be preferred by the teenagers. While shopping your must consider the preferences of your child, bedroom space and find the best fit case. An added bonus to this is that these beds often become guest beds when children are not living at home.


Mattress Inquirer stresses that it is incredibly beneficial for the adolescents to have a supporting mattresses so that their back and spine are properly supported while they are growing. It must be comfortable enough for your teen and provide them with a firm support and must also have padding to relieve pressure. In order to help your child choose the best mattresses, test each of the offered bed with them at the store and let the kid determine what suits them at best.

Other needs:

If your child is suffering from allergies and asthma, they might opt for synthetic filled mattresses to resist any allergens and dust mites. When shopping for a bed, search for mattresses that also have microbial or hypoallergenic fill and covers to help reduce these potential problems.

Why it is important?

Since teenagers undergo a lot of hormonal as well as physical changes, they need proper care as well as rest. The chosen mattress must be such that each of the posture and sleeping pattern gets proper support without stressing on the vertebral column. Moreover, their size is also increasing and thus, the old kiddo bed is no more functional and viable option for them.