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Get A Guide On Ativan Drug And Its Duration Of Stay In Your Body Systems

It is to treat a few health or anxiety disorders that medical professionals often suggest that you take the Ativan drug. Now, this may treat your particular ailment, but the scenario opens up a few risks. There is always a case of this drug reaching addiction stage and that could set up a chain of negative reactions. Actually, what happens is that some people become over dependent on the ativan drug even after the prescribed dosage and this can often lead to addiction stage. There are plenty of dangers if you take this drug excessively. Excess Ativan abuse can lead to respiratory depression, seizures or even some form of memory loss. You may even feel frequent tremors or loss of consciousness.

It can cause some big damage to your body and you will perhaps want answers to the question as to how long does Ativan stay in your system. If you speak of a single dose the effects stay in your systems anywhere in the range of 6 to 8 hours. However, in special cases the impact of this drug in your body systems can increase ranging from 10 to 72 hours. There is however certain issues, which could impact the drug stay, in your body systems. For example, the amount of intake of the ativan drug in your body has a crucial role to play here. It is a simple that the more you intake, the duration of drug stay in your body is greater.

The activity of ativan metabolites can also influence the drug stay in your body systems. One of the biggest differences to other drugs is that, advancing age cannot impact the duration of the stay of this drug in your body systems. We would like to say here that the heavy impact of this drug will go from your body in 72 hours however minor traces of this drug can be visible in your body for about 6 weeks. Hence, one can see that the drug can last for a certain duration in your body and cause sufficient damage. If you intend to prevent the situation from going out of control, we suggest that be on the lookout for symptoms.

The symptoms are an indication that your intake is reaching an addiction stage and you need to be careful. The symptoms of ativan abuse can range from loss of appetite, headaches, vomiting, and dizziness. These are signs of some impending danger and you need to prevent your abuse from reaching addiction stage. Now, if you cannot control yourself it is better that you take some professional help. You will certainly need to undergo some rehab course to get rid of this dangerous drug impacts from your body. Just in case you are a bit confused on your next course of action, we suggest that you look to contact this one top drug rehabilitation centre in the United States. They will quickly assess your specific condition and chalk out a perfect recovery program.