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Developing a YouTube Marketing Strategy For Your Small Business

Developing a YouTube marketing strategy is similar to developing a social media marketing strategy for any business. It is important to focus on the goals and objectives of the videos you’ll be posting on YouTube, the people who will be watching those videos, the message in those videos and other elements of your video marketing strategy.

Why You Need a YouTube Marketing Strategy

A successful YouTube marketing campaign requires a well-mapped plan and clearly defined strategy that is tailored to your specific business goals and objectives. Different size organisations are going to require completely different approaches to marketing on YouTube. If you’re a small local business that provides a service to consumers, your main objective would typically be geared towards using the platform to build a loyal and targeted community with the advantage of being able to add a personal touch that only a local business can provide.

On the other hand, if your business mainly produces products or services that are primarily used or purchased by other businesses, then you would typically use YouTube to network with other businesses in order to increase your visibility online.

How YouTube fits into Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Before you begin uploading videos to YouTube, you need to have a complete understanding of why you will be using YouTube for your business, and how it will fit into your overall marketing strategy. Creating an account on the platform “because your competitors are there”, is clearly not a good enough reason to be there because everything you do on the platform will be half-hearted. You need to have a focused vision for your presence on the platform with clearly defined goals and specific objectives that you want to achieve with your video marketing campaign.

Co-ordinating your online marketing activity

Whatever components you incorporate into your overall marketing strategy, it’s critically important that all these components work well with one other. They should all present the same message, and speak with one voice. You don’t want to present one image on YouTube, another on Facebook, Google+ and other social networks, another to customers viewing your classified or display ads, and yet another to your blog readers. The image you present on any social platform should be consistent and uniform, no matter where your customers and potential customers encounter that message. This also means choosing a steady and consistent voice and tone for your brand.

Using a Steady and Consistent Voice

Having a steady and consistent voice means that the way in which you present your business and your brand has to be consistent across the internet. Basically, the most important target keywords you use to optimize your website should be the same keywords you purchase for your PPC advertising. Those keywords should also be prominently incorporated into the copy for your display ads, and in the newsletters you send out to your customers and potential customers. They should also be talking points when you interact with thought leaders and social influencers in your industry, and should also be present in the press releases you publish.

In addition, your target keywords should be prominently incorporated into the scripts that you use for your YouTube videos. When a viewer clicks through to your website after watching one of your videos on YouTube, they should be taken to a landing page that not only reinforces your message in the video, but also acts as an extension of the video. It is all about being consistent with your message across the internet.

Bear the following in mind when formulating a YouTube marketing strategy:

Define Your Target Audience

Defining your target market and finding your best customers is a fundamental step in developing a successful video content marketing campaign. You need to determine who your target customers are, and who you are trying to reach with the message in your videos. It is the foundation of any business marketing strategy.

Some people make the mistake of thinking its acceptable to have a broad target to avoid leaving anybody out - the vague “be everything to everyone approach”. But trying to reach everyone is practically impossible, and simply targeting “anyone who will buy my products and services” will make it harder to reach the people who matter most - those who really want or need your products or services.

If you do not know who your audience is, then, you cannot successfully sell to them because you would not know what they want. All your marketing should revolve around your target customer, so it’s imperative that you know who that customer is and their problems and challenges.

How Will Your Videos Influence Customer Decisions? 

It is essential that you understand how your videos will fit into the purchase decision-making cycle of your customers and potential customers. You’ll need to consider how far your videos will be able to influence your potential customers in making a ‘purchase’ decision. You also need to consider how you can use videos to increase product awareness, company awareness, brand building, product demos, after sales support and building a community, etc.

Is Video Suitable For Your Message? 

One of the most important factors you need to consider when defining your YouTube marketing strategy is whether video is a suitable medium to convey your core message. Although YouTube is suitable for most businesses, it might just not be the right platform in which to convey your business message. 

If its not right for your business, then there’s no point in investing time and effort on the platform. Once you have determined that video is an appropriate medium for your message, you now need to consider the best way in which you can drive home and reinforce the unique selling point of your product or service in audio-visual media.

Define Your Goals and Objectives

A successful video marketing campaign on YouTube begins with laying out clear and realistic goals and objectives that align with your overall online marketing strategy. It is essential that your video marketing campaign clearly defines the goals or set of goals and more specific objectives you want to achieve, and you need to understand how those goals tie into your overall business strategy. 

Posting videos on YouTube “because everyone’s doing it” or “because it’s the latest thing” is a bad idea. You cannot let your marketing strategy be dictated by the latest trends and technologies or on the behaviour of other marketers. You have to select the media that serves your specific purpose and achieves your stated results.

You need to be clear on the specific goals you want to achieve through video marketing so that you can create a strategy that serves those goals, instead of simply entertaining your audience without any particular purpose or direction. For example, if your goal is to drive traffic to your website by improving the search ranking of your educational video within universal search results as opposed to using YouTube for recruiting and employee communications or support your existing customers, a completely different approach to your online video marketing campaign will be required in order to achieve the results you are seeking.

So, what are your goals and objectives for marketing on the YouTube platform? Is it to generate sales? Are you looking to increase traffic to your website? Are you looking to utilize video to increase the visibility of your website on the search engines? Do you have branding objectives in mind? Are you looking to supplement your technical support in order to reduce customer support costs? Are you looking to build a community around your products or services or the company?

Monitoring and measuring your Video marketing ROI

What key performance indicators will you be using to measure the effectiveness of your promotions?YouTube Analytics provides in-depth reports and metrics you can use to track and analyze the actual performance and mesaure the return on investment (ROI) of your video marketing campaign. It allows you to learn more about your audience, your videos and your activity on YouTube.

Your Budget

Do you have a budget for your YouTube marketing campaign? Do you want to simply place ads in other’s videos or are will you be creating your own videos and promoting them over YouTube as well as other online video websites?