All You Need to Know about Smartlipo

Smartlipo is a term used as an acronym for therapies, which have to do with the aesthetic enhancement of the body, that is, the treatment of certain bodily defects in order to enhance perfection in any desired area of the body. It focuses more on the: removal of excess fat, known biologically as lipids, from the body through a process called Liposuction. Inclusive are body shape modification, skin toning or softening, skin flabs or bodytite treatment, plastic surgery, Laser liposuction, anti-wrinkle treatment, Facial Thread Lifting, Cellulaze Laser, Fat Freezing, scar treatment, skin peels, Dermal Fillers, Laser Thread Vein, hair removal and a vast number of light-based aesthetic and medical treatments. Both surgical and nonsurgical, one of the renowned medical agencies you will find offering these treatments includes The London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic. For a quick introduction and briefing about all of the treatments mentioned above to body defects, these are the details you should know:

Laser Liposuction:

It is a plastic surgery and one of the Smartlipo remedies which entails the use of lasers to treat areas with unwanted contours and excess fat in the body. Depending on the body area, laser lipo is performed using two major methods:

The first method requires three basic steps. Firstly, the laser is used to break up fat cells that are deep under the skin, and this makes the fatty acid to leak out and disrupt other neighbouring cells which aid continuous removal. The deep fat layer also consists of small blood vessels which are coagulated by the laser to prevent bruising the patient’s inner organs.

Secondly, the laser is then directed to the superficial layer which lies closest to the skin in order to heat the skin cells. This will then stimulate the skin to secrete collagen and elastin that are necessary for the improvement of skin quality after the treatment.

Lastly, all the lumps of fatty cells remaining under the skin, which stick out as contours on the skin surface, is totally removed during this step.

On the other hand, the second method involves the first two steps but disregards the last. Therefore, this method is applied only to those areas that contain thin fat cells, such as the face, and neck.

BodyTite Treatment:

This involves the use of a device called BodyTite to remove contours that are caused by small fat lumps under the skin and noticeable skin contractions with the aid of a special Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) Technology. The device is only and first of its kind on the market, invented to provide a faster, safer, more effective and consistent removal of fat cells. As part of the innovations, it also coagulates both adipose tissue and blood vessels together in order to achieve simultaneously, a precise dermal heating and aspiration during treatment. Also, in the BodyTite hand piece mechanism is a part called the cannula, which produces RFAL energy and directs it to an external electrode in order to focus the energy on the adipose tissue and fatty areas. This energy is precisely focused and controlled so that only the targeted area is heated without causing any injury to the neighboring tissue. In addition, the external electrode is geometrically designed to sense and control the intensity of heat needed to make corrections in a particular area of the skin, in order to prevent unfavorable thermal accumulation.

Facial Thread Lifting:

This is a delicate cosmetic surgery also known as feather lift surgery which entails slightly raising up the sagging areas of the face to provide a smoother and more youthful appearance. Once gravity effect is starting to show on the face, a thread lift could be a less invasive method necessary to rejuvenate the face than a face lift without the risks associated with surgery. Thread lift method entails the insertion of a very fine surgical suture into the soft tissue of the face to lift and enhance sagging areas. Though it may not be as effective as a full facelift but still it is a good and safe method for providing rejuvenation on the face.