Dual-Axis Motor Control Hardware Delivers Elevated Performance

Industry analyst firm Markets-and-Markets has predicted that the global electric motors business will be worth $125 billion annually by the end of this decade, as new application possibilities open up.Throughout the industrial, aerospace, transportation and defence sectors, there is ever growing demand to deploy smoother, quieter and more energy efficient motor systems. In order to do this, sinusoidal motor driving is, in many cases, supplanting trapezoidal motor driving.

Based on Microsemi’s digital IC technology, Solid State Supplies now has a dual-axis motion control demo that underlines the company’s ability to support engineers in developing the next generation of motor systems.

Using this hardware, which incorporates all the necessary functionality onto a single SmartFusion2 FPGA SoC device, engineers are presented with a way to rapidly create highly advanced motor drives that deliver faster, less noisy and more economical operation. It means that they can significantly shorten time to market and reduce overall development costs.

The platform can support both sensor-less and sensor-based motor control systems. It is suitable for the latest permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) units, as well as more conventional brushless DC (BLDC) and stepper motors. This solution has field-oriented control (FOC) capabilities for supporting sinusoidal motor driving.

The graphic user interface (GUI) incorporated into the platform enables dynamic tuning of key parameters for optimisation of the motor system to meet specific application requirements.

Also included is a variety of different serial communication protocols suited to industrial/avionics/transportation settings (Ethernet, CAN, RS485, USB, etc.). With access to a fully modular IP suite, it is possible to take a plug-and-play approach to specifying and embedding the relevant motor control algorithms - thus avoiding the need to write, compile and debug large quantities of code. An array of protection mechanisms is also present, safeguarding against potential threats to system security. 

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