5 Myths and Facts About Lice

Lice have always been a hot topic in schools. Many people have their beliefs on how people get lice and who are likely to get lice. These are the top 5 myths people believe when it comes to lice.

5) Myth: African Americans/ Black people cannot get lice.

Fact: Black people are less likely to get lice, however anyone is vulnerable to lice as long you are a human being.Because African American  hair are much thicker and the shape of the hair is oval, it makes it much more difficult for the lice to attach to the hair. Caucasian hair is rounder shape and it is much easier to latch on. Regardless, black children hair can get latched on but at a lower rate.

4) Myth: Lice infestation required an exterminator to treat it.

Fact: Exterminators are not equipped to treat lice and it is not an insect that crawls from outside into the home like ants or cockroaches. It is a parasite that lives in human hair. It's sole purpose is to live in human hair, lay eggs, and repeat the cycle. If an exterminator tells you that they can treat it then they are wrong and most likely a scam.

3) Myth: Getting a hair cut will treat the lice.

Fact: Although, people who are bald do not get lice because there is no hair for the lice to latch on, it does not mean that getting a  buzz cut will prevent it either. Unless, you  are completely bald and treat your scalp, just getting a regular hair can still leave the nits (lice eggs) in the hair.

2) Myth: If I continue to wash my hair, I can get the lice out of my hair.

Fact: A lice infestation cannot be resolve by just washing your hair. If that is the case, then having lice treatment services would not be necessary. It is possible to get rid of some lice from washing your hair, but there is no way to the nits out of the hair unless you comb the hair out strand by strand. Also, there is a specific comb that is use to pick out the lice and the nits. An average comb cannot do it, because the lice comb is very thin and is able to pick the lice and nits.

1) Myth: Having poor hygiene causes lice

Fact: Lice is a parasite that attach on human hair and it not determine by the person's hygiene. Whether the person has excellent hygiene or poor hygiene, lice do not discriminate. As long as the louse can attach to the hair, it can start it's life cycle. Many children have been bullied due to lice. It is believed that the child has poor hygiene and can cause the child to feel bad due to the stigma. There needs to be better education on lice and help schools understand that this can cause bullying a need to understand to treat a child with lice in a sensitive manner.