7 Things Only Writers Understand About the Writing Life

As a writer there are certain realities that only you experience, no one else apart from a fellow can resonate with whatever you experience either on a daily basis or during particular times. If you are not a writer and are wondering what goes on in writers life well we are about to give you a sneak peek into the life of a writer.

We All Have An Idea For A Novel

It’s quite a common occurrence that when most people come across a writer, they tend to always say they have had this idea for a novel or screenplay and they have been working on for some time now. They think now that they have a writer in front of them, they can get some help.

Well not to shock you but writers hear that a lot so whatever you’re saying them is a broken record. They’ve been there and done that, and chances are they are not even slightly interested. A writer’s day is full of deadlines and a lot of coffee, they do not have time for “big ideas”.

As a writer when you find yourself in the presence of someone like that who is rumbling about their dreams, it's good to burst their bubble and stir them towards the direction of reality. Do not be afraid to tell them how it is.

I Am a Professional

Contrary to popular belief, blogging is not just a hobby, it's a job just like any other. People actually make money from writing all day. If you write during your free time, then you can be regarded as a hobbyist. For those of us who have actual deadlines and bills to pay, please refer to us as professional writers. It offends us when people say that they too love writing and writing is just writing.

Outlining such a distinction during a conversation can be like defusing a time bomb - if done wrongly the whole place might blow. So do it gently and do all of us a favor by making sure that they get the difference.

Blogging Is a Real Job

When you are out with friends and everyone is saying all their big professions and it’s your turn then you say you are a blogger, people tend to make a certain face. It may be for just a second but very noticeable.

It's normally a surprise to many that blogging is a real job, they do not see it as part of the writing profession because there isn't that much regulation as compared to novel and screenplay writing or writing for a newspaper.

To clear all this, what you can do is provide a detailed description of what you do - the knowledge you need to have or acquire to do your work and the companies that you work for. This way you can show that indeed blogging is a real job.

My Work Is Worth It

Being a writer, you are faced with the challenge of "come look at this". This is a common saying that you will be hearing amongst your friends whenever they write something and need some input. They see you as a professional writer that’s ever on call for their writing needs and you should never say no to them, but would a doctor work for free like you are expected to?

When a friend asks you to help them out with a writing related request, what you can do or say is, " " sure this time is on me ". When you do this you have alluded to the notion of money thus making yourself a professional. Next time they will hesitate to ask for free help.

No, I Can't Chat Or Hangout

You can be very busy, hard at work trying to beat this deadline then you hear your phone ring and someone wants to run his or her problems by you, or your spouse hits you with that to do list. Before you could even say that you are busy they whisk off leaving with a list of unwanted chores. This usually happens since they see you online on the various instant messaging platforms, or just see you on your laptop all day. This is especially perpetrated by the friends who don’t know or understand how involving this work can get.

When people do not take your writing seriously, then it’s time that you take control by getting an office space or creating some space in your house where people do not come in as they please as this is your working space now. You could also change your availability to away or busy on the messaging platform or inform them that you’re working as soon as they send you the first message.

Explain to them you too are a professional and you do not want to be disturbed while you are working.

We Despise Writers Block

Despite being creative, we too do experience writer's block at times. This can be caused by a number of things such as distractions or maybe you just want to make this particular piece, maybe an essay or a book report, perfect! Deadlines, too, can cause the writer's block or maybe it’s just not that time of the day for you. Such things can really stress you out as you are eager to write. However, provided we are determined and motivated enough, we seem to get things done anyway.

Books Are Our Friends

For most writers, if they are not somewhere writing, chances are they in front of a book trying to learn something new. Writers enjoy reading as much we do writing, plus, reading gives us a chance to review someone else's work and also improve ours!


Do you have a friend or relative who is a writer? Are there some behaviors or tendencies that you’ve noticed they have but couldn’t figure out why? Or are you just interested in finding out the experiences of other writers? Well, this article is for you!

Please share your experiences with us.