Quick tips for attracting students to startup

It is essential for any business to bring right people on board. When you have a team of professionals, the chances that you reach success grow significantly. However, when it comes to hiring talents for a startup, the business owner faces a huge number of challenges. How many employees a startup should have? How to attract talents if you are not from the Silicon Valley? How to overcome the problem of lack of recognition? Do the talents can really help you avoid falling into those 50% of small businesses that fail after four years?

According to the latest studies in psychology, over 60% of business have less than 5 employees. It proves that it’s not important how many employees you have but how talented they are.

When searching for talents, you need to remember certain rules. We have outlined them in our list of 5 tips and recommendations on how to find talents for your business.

Take hiring process as a list of assignments that are to be completed not just the result that you get:

  • Find where to look for the candidates
  • Check the requirements of the same positions of other companies and startups
  • Make sure you understand the culture of the company
  • Define your benefits
  • Describe the challenges and tasks
  • Find a proper way of communication with talents
  • Create job description

  • Prepare to various interviews

Never hope to find a perfect talent for your startup quickly. HR managers of startups and business owners face even bigger challenge than a regular company, as they have higher demands to the candidates.

Statistics shows that to find the best candidate a manager checks 100 resumes in average and conducts from 4 to 8 interviews

If you have decided to place a position on job aggregator, get ready to get even more responses. However, most of them will suit none of your requirements.

In case you decided to look candidates on your own, it may take more time, but you will be able to find those who suit your requirements.

  • Make sure that the candidate is qualified enough

Invite the best candidates to the interview. At this point, you are to assess their skills properly. Always ask candidates to complete some of the tasks to understand how qualified the person is and the way he or she handles the problems and tasks. Do remember that some of the candidates make use of the paperwriter, which means that the information presented in the resume can be exaggerated.

Technical skills are of high importance as well as the personal characteristics. It’s essential to conduct personality testing to define whether a person will be perfect for your team and growth of your business. 

  • Give feedback

Providing a person who came to the interview with feedback is important to build proper relations and create a base of candidates or further cooperation.

As we have already mentioned, it will take in average 4 – 8 candidates to conduct interview with to define who is the best one for you. If you ignore the candidate just after the interview and later on you will decide that he is perfect for your position, the chances are that he will refuse your offer.

Do set deadlines for finding a talent that you need, but do remember that it won’t be enough to have only a couple of weeks for searches. A great idea will be to find a candidate who has his own team and can they can join your startup all together. Of course, in this case you need to be ready to pay to each of the employees and provide them with working places. Also consider outsourcing for your startup. This will help you to save money for business development and hire people who will do certain tasks for certain payment.