Experience a Vibrational Shift

Drums, Bass and Vibes meets Classical

Drum and Bass with a dramatic, energetic and soulful classical touch

This brand new release entitled 'Mitosis' is a hard step into the summer sun light as legendary composer Soundman, heal's the world with his soulful message of a connection to your higher self. This slick, state of the art, energetic crowd pleaser is taken from his forthcoming album Magna Carta 2017.

This piece really shows off Soundman's composition, arrangement and production skills as well as the truly respectful and deep understanding of both the DnB and Classical genres, which by the sheer idea shouldn't really mix together, but he has managed to achieve this with ease. When DJ's draw for this infectious cut, their set will be propelled into the stratosphere, sparking a bag of rewinds!

On this slice Soundman sets the production bar high, with a rolling heavy bass-line that balances the root Chakra staying true to his jungle hit making standard. Sweep eq'ed frequencies which are reminiscent of the early uk sound system culture align the 3rd eye, whilst both male and female vocals coast the track effortlessly.

'Mitosis' is a powerfully dramatic and energetic masterpiece of epic proportion. Opening with sparse pizzicato strings and a classical string section which drops into a very heavy drum and bass. Set against a theme of filmic strings and lush female vocals, the course synth pluses with a praise on top followed by a further drop which brings the track to a crescendo..

Soundman: Competence in drums, bass and vibes and its performance effects of forces, that's nothing short of musical and scientific success. In memory of Marcus Intalex R.I.P

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