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The Popularity of Simulators is Rising

The Popularity of Simulators is Rising

The Popularity Simulators is Rising

 Sierra Brubaker

Spartan Beat Contributor

Simulators “of the future” enable a person to look around in a virtual reality (VR) and watch 360 degree videos and gaming while moving around. These simulators actually revolutionize gaming and computer interaction .

One of the first games actually played on a VR was inspired by Minecraft “realities”, using the look of the game and the characters’ interaction to the virtual world.

The only problem with simulators is that people can only spend between one and three hours using the technology. If used too long, they will give people headaches. So, enjoy the simulations for up to an hour.

So, do something new.  Enjoy gaming or watching YouTube, or want to watch a movie in a new and exciting way - with a virtual reality simulator, the future of gaming and video technology.