Performance Training

Praxis Gets to Know You and Your Goals

Vernon Hills, Illinois – If you are aiming to improve your overall fitness and appearance, then sports performance training in Vernon Hills might be a great option for you. Sports performance training can help you enhance your performance in competition in order to make you more successful in a specific sport that you wish to succeed in. This program usually takes into account the sport and the position you play along with. Plus, it is important to know your age, gender, fitness level, and medical history. By making use of sound scientific principles and proper training techniques, professional trainers can create a customized and effective workout plan to increase your speed, strength, agility, and stamina. They can also target sport-specific skills such as running, throwing, jumping, and more.

At Praxis, their sports performance training in Vernon Hills can help all of their competitive clients to realize their goals in the sports and activities they have a major focus in their lives. Their team of professionals have extensive experience in working with people of all ages and backgrounds. From aspiring teenagers to professional athletes, they work with you to shore up weaknesses, decrease injury risks, and build strength and power.

Their main goal is to raise your game and take you to the next level. While many people do not often believe in themselves and their abilities, their professionals can guarantee you positive results. They will teach you all kinds of techniques in order to increase your strength, power, energy system resource, flexibility, agility, and more, that will support your specific pursuits. They understand that as an athlete, your team relies on one another, so it is necessary to prepare each and every one on the team to perform their best.

Their sports performance training program provides individualized training based on personal goals and sport-specific demands. It entails direct, one-on-one sessions with one of their licensed physical therapists. With their training services, they can provide their athletes with everything they need to succeed.

The first step of the process requires an initial comprehensive evaluation which will incorporate assessments of posture, flexibility, strength, movement ability, and body balance. Second, they will sit down with you to explain the definition of the programs goals as well as listen to your needs and desires throughout the training. Third, once they have explained their purpose and listened to your needs, they will create an exercise program that is designed especially for you based on your current status and physical potential to enhance performance to the maximum level. And lastly, they will establish an injury prevention program for knees, ankles, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, elbows, ACLs, and the lower back.

Aside from sports training, Praxis offers sports performance training in Vernon Hills. Since running is usually involved in most sports, they want you to be able to maintain a speed that you are content with and become even quicker. This type of training focuses on creating greater leg strength, power, elastic strength, and speed endurance. This type of training comes in a variety of different forms and types depending on your individual abilities.

Praxis also offers sports accident injury rehabilitation injury. If you have been injured in the past, their team of professionals want to try and help you get back into whatever you used to enjoy doing. It is their belief that the relationship that you have with your therapist can be critical to the outcome of your physical therapy.

They do things differently with a personal investment in your care, your progress, and your goals. You do not have to think that you are alone because they will be there to help every step of the way. They provide hands on, one on one therapy. For this reason, many of their patients’ outcomes have been so successful.

At Praxis, they give each one of their clients the one-on-one care you deserve. Before they begin, they want to get to know you, your personality, your goals, and your story that has brought you to Praxis. Their licensed team will work with you from the very beginning and throughout the full extent of your therapy or training. So if you are in need of their services such as therapy, speed training or sports performance training in Vernon Hills, do not hesitate to call them up at 847-247-7200 or visit their website at to know more.