Dr Mark Wotherspoon

A Guide on About Various Sports Injuries in Kids and Teenagers

Kids and teenagers are always pumped with high energy and they need to vent this energy somewhere to keep themselves sane and balanced in their daily routine. The parents and guardians understand the need of using the surplus and high energy in the kids and try enrolling the kids for vocational trainings. These vocational trainings might involve kids’ hobbies like painting, dancing, singing or participating in any kind of sports. The pediatric doctors often recommend that the kids are involved in sports and games that are team sports which would help to build compassion and empathy in kids and young adults. But the excessive energy that the kids are offering to vent in the game they are involved in might sometimes backfire in the form of sports injuries. Pediatric specialists and sports medicine physicians advised the parents to be alert about such incidents. They have also offered up some decent advices to prevent the injuries.

Statistical Reports

Sports these days have become one of the topics to tick off from the list of good parenting. All the parents want their children to be the best in their sports activities and are more obsessed with the trophy and the winning title than the kids. This has led the parents register their kids in gymnastic classes and various other sports activities in a tender age of 4 years. There are some ugly statistical reports that have shown that 3 million teenagers come to the emergency rooms complaining about sports associated injuries and 5 million of youngsters are consulting their family physician for the treatment and recovery from sports and exercise related injuries.

Most common sports injuries in kids and young adults

Scrapes and bruises are okay when your kid is out there in the nature, playing with their friends. But look out for following common sports injuries in kids and young adults:

• The most common types of injuries in kids, and young adults are sprains and strains. Sprains are the injuries that involves tear of ligament- the connective tissue joining bones at the joints. A strain is usually an injury that is caused by overstressing during sports activities on the muscle or tendons.

• At the end of the long bones of the hands, fingers, forearms, upper leg, lower leg, and foot, there is an area of developing tissue known as the growth plates. Often kid associated sports injuries involve growth plate injuries and must be treated immediately with the help of best sports medicine doctors.

• Hairline fractures and tendinitis are the common type of injuries in the kids caused due to repetitive motion injuries.

In case the kids suffer from any of the above injuries, do not panic. Stay calm and take your kid to the best sports medicine physician nearby for a quick treatment.