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Actress/Creator VICTORIA BARABAS Redefines Gender Roles in New Original Comedy Web Series ‘WINGWOMAN’ 

Actress/Creator VICTORIA BARABAS Redefines Gender Roles in New Original Comedy Web Series ‘WINGWOMAN’ 

Premiering on YouTube Beginning December 7, 2016

LOS ANGELES (November 30, 2016) – Actress/Creator VICTORIA BARABAS redefines traditional gender roles as a savvy pick-up artist and man’s best ally in the new original comedy web series, WINGWOMAN, premiering on YouTube beginning December 7th.

WINGWOMAN chronicles what happens when a modern day match-maker, Sara Chambers (Barabas), teams up with an awkward, down-on-his luck dater, Ben Sands (Jackson Palmer), in his quest to find a woman. She’s a ball-buster, he’s a hopeless romantic; so while she’s just trying to get him laid, he’s looking for true love. When their opposing viewpoints continue to foil their plans, this “pick-up” partnership grows more and more complicated.

Barabas first got the idea for the project from a real Craigslist job posting she saw several years ago. She explains, “A company was looking to hire young women to escort men out and approach women FOR them. The idea was that a woman approached by another woman is far less defensive than if she were to be approached by one or two men. And that’s how the idea was born.”

To assist with the 6-episode series, Barabas brought in rising female director Michaela Myers and male co-writers/brothers, Robbie and Joey Wunder. Produced under her Victorious Productions banner, Barabas was looking to create a show with equal appeal to both men and women. Barabas explains, “WingWoman speaks to men because they can relate to the hurdles of approaching women and would probably LOVE to get the inside scoop on how to talk to the opposite sex. On the flip side, women can relate to bad pick-up lines and horrible first dates, but I think they will also find Sara empowering. Women are tired of constantly being portrayed as two-dimensional character types like a damsel in destress, wife or girlfriend. I think women would like to see stronger female roles, both on and off screen.”

A Georgia native, Barabas has built a solid reputation in the industry since arriving in Hollywood. She has appeared on several network television series, including CBS’s mega-hit NCIS, the police procedural CSI: NY, and a recurring role on the long-running daytime drama The Young and the Restless. In addition, the talented beauty has emerged on FX’s popular Rescue Me, USA’s crime drama White Collar, and FOX’s sci-fi series Fringe. Additionally, her training includes the MFA theater program at A.C.T. in San Francisco.

Barabas has been a writer for many years. Her writing experiences offer a broad range of styles, including entertainment magazine articles, advertising copy, corporate communications in the fashion and beauty industries, and various types of fiction. She is currently in-development on another television pilot and on Season Two of WINGWOMAN.

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