The Snuggle Is Real in New Comedy Web Series: ‘HUG IT OUT’ Premiering Online Beginning March 9, 2017

LOS ANGELES (February 24, 2017) – Actress/Writer/Creator KINCAID WALKER (Speechless, Unforgettable) is out to prove “the snuggle is real” with the new comedic web series HUG IT OUT. Releasing online March 9th, the 6-episode series was directed and co-produced by rising comedy creator JASON EKSUZIAN (DINKS, I Miss Drugs).

HUG IT OUT follows Gwen (Walker), a woman re-starting her life in Los Angeles after a divorce. In desperate need of a job, she is introduced to a strange new career: professional cuddling -- yeah, it’s a real thing. Along the way, Gwen meets some seriously unique clients and slowly but surely, grows into her new life.

Bringing this eccentric cast of characters to life is: Parvesh Cheena (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Mark Kelly (Duplass Bros. Do-Deca-Pentathalon, Walking Dead), YouTube star Liam Sullivan, Jeff Torres (Pitch), David Fickas (Burn Notice) and Kirstin Eggers (Work It, Documentary Now).

Walker first started writing the series after stumbling upon an article in The Atlantic about a real-life professional hugger. Walker explains, “At first I thought, ‘what a totally wacky job,’ and it is definitely ripe for comedy. But I also started to imagine all the reasons people might honestly hire a stranger for a platonic snuggle, and I loved the idea of putting the main character, who has a lot of intimacy issues and introversion, right into the middle of it and watching her figure out how to connect with and be seen by her clients.”

With script in hand, Walker reached out to Eksuzian, whose opinion she trusted after starring in his DINKS series. He was immediately on-board, "The concept was so funny and so strong I knew we just had to go for it. I was sure Kincaid would play Gwen brilliantly, but I got even more excited when I started to read all the other characters she had created. The series really takes us on this bizarre, hilarious voyage into the sub-culture of a sub-culture but it's also very much the story of Gwen finding out some important things about herself. I've never really been much of a hugger myself but I think I'm a changed man!"

Walker has been building a solid reputation for her comedic abilities since making her way to Hollywood. An Iowa native and Northwestern University theatre graduate, she is currently recurring as ‘Hillary’ on ABC’s Speechless. Coming in April, she can be seen in the Warner Bros. release, Unforgettable, opposite Rosario Dawson. Walker has appeared on numerous network television shows, including Parks & Recreation, My Name Is Earl, Castle and Monk among others.

Originally from Massachusetts, Eksuzian has quickly become a prominent creator on both coasts. His relatable series about aging hipsters, I Miss Drugs, gained a cult following of hundreds of thousands and earned screenings at SXSW and LA Comedy Festival. His second digital series, DINKS (Dual Income, No Kids), made a huge splash online, was featured on Funny Or Die and Blip, and received critical attention including USA Today. Eksuzian is also the co-founder of the creative agency Present Tense.

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