Creative Team Pamela Hill and William Joseph Hill Unveil New Episode of 1960s/70s Inspired Kitschy Comedy Series ‘THAT DARN GIRLFRIEND’

Premiering Online Beginning May 22, 2018

LOS ANGELES (May 15, 2018) – Creative team Pamela Hill and William Joseph Hill will premiere the 11th installment of their 1960’s/early 1970’s inspired kitschy comedy web series, THAT DARN GIRLFRIEND, beginning May 22nd on their YouTube channel.


THAT DARN GIRLFRIEND delivers a blast-from-the-past feeling as it follows the innocent mishaps and harmless misadventures of groovy live-in couple, Valerie and Vic. In the new episode titled “Mask-Erade,” Valerie and Vic are still going strong -- and so are the sticky situations as Valerie shares her pampering products with Vic.


Produced under their Four Scorpio Productions banner, Pamela and William set out to create and star in a series that pays homage to classic 1960’s/70’s sitcoms. The result is a nostalgic and campy romp, complete with a canned laugh track, simple-minded storylines and even filming in Fabulous Technicolor!


The original idea for these characters started back in 1999, when Pamela created the theme song and lyrics for a project that had yet to be realized. Pamela explains, “I was inspired by hearing silly comments and gossip about people’s dating experiences. They struck me as funny, which lead me to craft the catchy tune.”


Fast forward to 2015, when this real-life husband and wife team revisited the concept and shot it as a short film project. Based on the positive audience response, they continued with the idea and turned it into a full web series, which has screened episodes at We Make Moves Fest and was a comedy short finalist on TentSquare.


Now three years later, ‘the Hills of the Hollywood Hills’ are excited to release their 11th installment. William adds, “Pamela’s song has always sounded like a 60’s sitcom; the fun is evident in the humorous outtakes that appear after the credits. I love getting to work with my adorable wife Pamela on this web series, proving that you can make your Hollywood dreams come true on a zero budget!”


A Cincinnati, Ohio native with a very supportive family, Pamela has appeared in numerous stage, commercial and film productions. She can be heard voicing many projects and is also a professional hand, print, and spokesmodel. She recently co-starred as the comedic self-help guru ‘Samantha Strut’ in Madame Esmeralda & the Audition, which won the Audience Favorite award at the California Women’s Film Festival. Her other credits include memorable roles on NBC’s daytime drama Days of Our Lives; comedy web series My Roommate the Party Planner and Dysfunctionally Organized; and the indie short The Visitation opposite Owen Teague. She also recently wrapped a role in Stephen Keep Mills’ feature film, Love Is Not Love. Find out more about Pamela at:


As a Navy Brat, William lived in San Diego during his early years and then moved to Hawaii. It was during his island years that he began nurturing his interest in filmmaking and martial arts. Since then, he has been building a solid reputation on the indie scene and beyond. His film and TV credits include the viral hit Westworld parody Look What Westworld Made Me Do, and leading roles in Eskimo and Crisis Management.  He has put his martial arts skills to work on films like The Rolling Soldier, The Last Girl (winner of Audience Favorite at Action On Film Festival), Invincible Scriptures, Nun Fu and opposite Andrew Bachelor (aka King Bach) in Agent Steele among others. In addition, he has made three appearances on the ABC hit show Wipeout, where he was nicknamed “The

Jedi.” Find out more about William at:


Combined, Pamela and William have appeared on over 25 television game shows with a very memorable stint together on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


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