Actress PEGGY LU Gains a Friend and Protector in Sony’s Blockbuster Marvel Superhero Movie ‘VENOM’

LOS ANGELES (December 11, 2018) – Actress Peggy Lu befriends Tom Hardy and unknowingly gains a badass symbiote protector in Sony Pictures’ blockbuster superhero film, VENOM, directed by Ruben Fleischer.


The Marvel Spider-Man spin off revolves around Eddie Brock (Hardy), an investigative journalist who acquires superhuman abilities when his body merges with the malevolent alien Venom. Lu joins the storyline as the local convenience store owner, Mrs. Chen, who befriends Eddie early on and later finds Venom coming to her rescue from a local thug.


Lu was thrilled at the opportunity to work on the project, adding "It was like working with bunch of good friends together as a unit. There’s a trust you get from Ruben (Fleischer). He lets actors find their own respective ways, where you feel like you are taken care of. He is a remarkable creative director. And, what I loved most about working with Tom Hardy, besides his humor and humbleness, was his intensity and meticulous approach to the craft. He is an immensely commanding actor who conveys many emotions with just a look."


Cast in the role by casting director John Papsidera, Lu has been gaining legions of fans ever since Venom first uttered “Night, Mrs. Chen” in theaters back in October. Now, the film is set for digital release on December 11th and arrives on 4K/Blu-Ray/DVD on December 18th.


Coming in 2019, Lu nurtures a mother-daughter connection with Ali Wong emerging as Mrs.Tran in the upcoming rom-com, ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE. From director Nahnatchka Khan, the film follows two childhood sweethearts who have a falling out and attempt to rekindle their spark after 15 years. The film also stars Keanu Reeves, Randall Park, Charlyne Yi and Daniel Dae Kim.


Lu has built a solid reputation in the industry for her unique combination of contemporary American and fresh off the boat. This witty “made in Taiwan, improved in the USA” actress is fluent in both Chinese and Texan. She has appeared in numerous film and television projects, most recently on NCIS: Los Angeles, Animal Kingdom, The Real O’Neals and Transparent among others.


Before pursuing her acting dreams, Lu followed her immigrant parents’ advice to attend college and earn a degree that would have some kind of doctorate abbreviations after her name. With her mom's guidance she received a doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Colorado at Denver. Later, Lu moved to New York, where she began her professional acting career.


Peggy Lu is represented by Smith & Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency and Entertainment Lab.


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(photos courtesy: Sony Pictures)