Actress STEPHANIE CZAJKOWSKI Proves Powerful in DC Universe’s ‘DOOM PATROL’ and Inspirational Film ‘BREAKTHROUGH’

LOS ANGELES (April 12, 2019) – Actress Stephanie Czajkowski (pronounced check-house-key) proves powerful in strength and spirit as Hammerhead in DC Universe’s streaming series DOOM PATROL and in the inspirational feature film BREAKTHROUGH.


DOOM PATROL delivers a re-imagining of one of DC's most beloved group of outcast superheroes, each of whom acquired his or her special abilities after disfiguring accidents. This team of misfits consists of Robotman (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man (Matt Bomer), Elasti-Girl (April Bowlby), Cyborg (Joivan Wade) and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) and a farting donkey.


Beginning April 12th, Czajkowski steps-in recurring as Hammerhead, one of the 64 personalities that exist within Jane, each living in a separate corner of her mind and wrestling for control. A born fighter with a bad attitude, Hammerhead solves all of her problems by punching them in the face.


Then hitting theaters on April 17th, Czajkowski emerges as Chrissy Metz’s supportive best friend Melissa in the moving dramatic feature film BREAKTHROUGH. Based on a true story, Joyce Smith’s (Metz) refuses to give up after her son John (Marcel Ruiz) accidentally falls through an icy lake and lies lifeless in the hospital. As Joyce encourages everyone around her to pray for his recovery, Melissa (Czajkowski) lends comfort but also wants to protect her friend from heartache.


The FOX 2000 / 20th Century Fox release also stars Topher Grace, Josh Lucas, Sam Trammell, Mike Colter and Dennis Haysbert and comes from director Roxann Dawson and producer Devon Franklin.


Czajkowski is excited to bring to life these two powerful but totally different characters, adding “We forget, specifically right now in our history, that despite our differences what fundamentally connects us all is the desire to protect the people we love. The question is, how does that manifest in their actions? I loved being able to explore both these characters, specifically how their expressions of that love look extremely different.”


Audiences will recognize Czajkowski from her numerous notable television roles, including appearances on Bones, Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS: LA, Jane the Virgin, How to Get Away with Murder, Supergirl and many more. Up next, Czajkowski joins a star-studded cast for the live-action CGI-animated film adaption

 of the classic Jack London novel Call of the Wild for 20th Century Fox. Born in Wisconsin, Czajkowski moved to the Big Apple where she earned a degree from the prestigious New York University Tisch School of The Arts. After graduating, she continued honing her craft at Playwright’s Horizon and Steppenwolf Theatre before making her way to Los Angeles.


Despite rumors, Czajkowski did not shave her head to play Hammerhead. In actuality, the bald actress has been displaying her own warrior-like inner strength in a real-life battle with not one but three types of unrelated cancer. Since receiving the first diagnosis in 2018, this seemingly healthy fitness fanatic has juggled a thyroid removal, six chemo sessions, a double mastectomy and is in the midst of radiation for she calls her “cancer trifecta”. In an effort to deal with her roller-coaster reality, Czajkowski and her supportive husband have chronicled her health journey on their humorous blog:


Stephanie Czajkowski is represented by DDO Artists Agency and Mitch Clem Management.



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