‘THE FASH LIFE’ Series Stars Kick-Off Quarantine #FashLifeAtHomeChallenge to Raise Spirits During Mental Health Awareness Month

LOS ANGELES (April 27, 2020) – On May 1st, the popular blogger/social influencer stars of THE FASH LIFE series with the support of the Depression Bi-Polar Support Alliance: DBSA will kick-off the #FashLifeAtHomeChallenge, encouraging everyone staying at home to get dressed and practice positive self-care during the COVID-19 crisis.


The month of May marks the annual Mental Health Awareness Month, but this year adjusting to the "new normal" hasn’t been easy for some. Many people stuck at home simply don’t see the point of getting out of their pajamas or running a comb through their hair. With all the worry about physical health during this pandemic, many have neglected their mental and emotional wellbeing.

"All of us need to pay attention to what our feelings are telling us right now," says Betsey O'Brien, communications director for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance - DBSA. "Risks for depression and other mental health issues are higher when we don't sleep well, get enough exercise and feel stressed out. Learn the signs of depression and don't be afraid to get the help you need.”

To uplift everyone’s spirit, THE FASH LIFE stars are on a mission to bring even more fashion, beauty, wellness, creativity, joy and laughter into the world of social media. Series co-creator/star and Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger Lisa Valerie Morgan explains, “As someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety throughout my life, I’ve found that taking care of myself through wellness and beauty routines, as well as getting dressed up, have always helped to improve my mood. I’ve been enthusiastic about sharing some of these tips on my Pretty Little Shoppers blog and The Fash Life show. Now more than ever, taking care of yourself has become so important to staying mentally and physically healthy!”

Some of the popular blogger/social influencer co-stars and supporters participating in the #FashLifeAtHomeChallenge include: Elizabeth Keene, Kali Passiglia, Daphne Blunt, Sheree Ho, Elaine Chaya, Linda Kang, Matt Sarafa, Stuart Brazell, Rachel Kennedy, Ashley Dulaney, Catherine Grace O’Connell, Debbie Savage, Hayley Gripp, Alisha Taneja and Rachel Pitzel. And, now they’re challenging all of their fans and beyond.

Here’s how to participate in #FashLifeAtHomeChallenge:


1. POST: Add a fun photo series or short video of yourself answering the questions:

  • How has your daily routine changed during COVID-19?
  • How are you living The Fash Life at home? (Feel free to insert a photo of your favorite OOTD “outfit of the day” or show us what you are wearing).
  • Are you wearing pants right now? (Be honest)
  • What is your best self-care, wellness, fashion or beauty tip to stay mentally healthy while quarantined?
  • What is your favorite episode of The Fash Life series?

2. TAG: Be sure to tag: #FashLifeAtHomeChallenge @thefashlifeseries @DBSAlliance

3. INVITE: Challenge and tag 3 or more friends to participate.


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THE FASH LIFE team encourages everyone to safely check-in with friends, colleagues, neighbors and loved ones -- not just about how they're doing physically, but how they're coping emotionally and mentally. For those struggling during this crisis, please visit the DBSA at:


About THE FASH LIFE Series:

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